About Us

Paramahamsa Charitable Trust, Pennsylvania, USA has been set up with the vision for working towards the up-liftment of the bottom of the pyramid section especially the lower socio economic sections of our communities.


  • Health Care
  • Educare
  • Care for the elderly

Paramahamsa Trust

Pennsylvania, USA. Registered in 2020

sri ramachandran trust

Bangalore, India. Registered in 2006


Providing much health care for the needy

  • Financially support patients with chronic illness
  • Conducting community outreach programs in health
  • Supporting hospitals in conducting free eye surgical camps
  • Providing free glasses for children in the rural areas
  • Financial support for hospitals who are involved in charity work
  • Capacity building of hospitals who are working in the rural areas and the bottom of the pyramid communities and doing charity work

Education and resources to improve their livelihood

  • Providing financial support for students to continue their education. Primary, secondary, and college
  • Providing support in terms of books and other education materials
  • Supporting hospitals in conducting free eye surgical camps
  • Support to Non govt. organizations who are working in education

Support in the twilight of life

  • Providing food clothing and shelter for the seniors
  • Support senior homes by providing finance and materials

How It Works

Partnership Model

Trust Partners with like minded non profit organizations to provide services to the needy.


Contributions from donors will be sent to partner organizations through a MOU signed initially.


Quarterly Reports indicating progress/performance will need to be submitted by partner organizations to establish accomplishment of goals and Financial Transparency.

501(C)(3) tax

Paramahamsa Charitable trust is a non profit registered in the state of PA and is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization.

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151 Penns Grant Drive, Morrisville, Pennsylvania 19067

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+1 (609) 462-2713